Corporate Social Responsibility is an intrinsic part of of Yakult as it is committed to the health and holistic wellbeing of society.  After all, it was the concern for his community’s health and nutritional wellbeing that led Dr. Minoru Shirota and his colleagues to found Yakult in 1935.  As a member of the worldwide Yakult group, Yakult Singapore proudly supports a number of public initiatives including health-related activities and events in Singapore.

National Foundation for Digestive Disease (NFDD)

Yakult Singapore has supported the National Foundation for Digestive Diseases for over 20 years. Allied on a common goal, we are a main sponsor for the NFDD’s annual public symposiums.

NFDD organised these symposiums mainly for the purpose of educating and updating the public on the causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the diseases of the digestive system.

Singapore Cancer Society

Yakult Singapore has been proudly supporting the Singapore Cancer Society as the main sponsor for its annual Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Symposium, as well as for other talks and events.

International and National Swimming Events

We believe in a holistic approach to health and the role sporting excellence plays in it. Yakult Singapore has sponsored the following major swimming events.

FINA Swimming World Cup

We have been sponsoring this international swimming event since 2009.

Begin of the FINA Swimming World Cup 2013
Prize Presentation for the FINA Swimming World Cup 2013


Singapore National Swimming Championships
Singapore National Age Group Swimming Championships

9th Singapore National Swimming Championships 2013

44th Singapore National Age Group Swimming Championship 2013

Yakult’s CSR in sports as a sponsor has also been extended to the above two national swimming events in Singapore since 2010.
In addition, Yakult was appointed as the official Healthy Family Drink during these major swimming events.