Yakult Singapore has one of the finest world-class production systems with the following accreditation and acquirement of international quality, safety and hygiene standards.

Accreditation For ISO 9001 Certificate

The company has been accredited the ISO9001 Certificate since 25 March 2003. With the ISO 9001, it eliminates the uncertainty in the production operations as each flow is documented in conformity with standards. The IS9001 also enhanced the level of awareness amongst production staff on the daily importance of producing safe and high quality Yakult. Hence, Yakult is always being produced consistently at high quality standard.

Top-notch Hygiene Control System Through HACCP

The HACCP is an international standard for hygiene control system which Yakult Singapore had acquired on 8 August 2002. The system further refines the total hygiene control of our manufacturing processes through stringent checks and analysis for any potential contamination. It also implements reinforcements such as having every production staff to be meticulous and vigilant in hygiene practices.

It is all part of our mission to deliver Yakult that people can consume it without further concern for their safety.