Yakult Ace Light®

About Yakult

The World’s Premium Probiotic Drink

Yakult is a premium probiotic cultured milk drink that contains the specially cultivated beneficial bacteria known as Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (L. casei strain Shirota). Each little bottle of Yakult is packed with more than 10 billion L. casei strain Shirota, enough to replenish the friendly bacteria in your digestive system.

Only Yakult contains L. casei strain Shirota, the unique probiotic strain specially developed by our founder, Dr. Minoru Shirota.

Packed with probiotics goodness, Yakult is a favourite cultured milk drink consumed by people in 40 countries and regions around the world every day to help maintain a healthy digestive system.

More about Yakult

Yakult is made by fermenting skim milk powder with our uniquely strengthened probiotic, L. casei strain Shirota.

A bottle of Yakult contains about 70 Calories, which is the same amount of Calories in a medium size apple. It is fat and cholesterol free and contains no preservatives or stabilizers. Only real ingredients inside.

A small amount of sugar is added to Yakult to provide nutrients to the probiotics in order to keep them alive during shelf life. Sugar is also needed to counteract the sourness of Yakult and enhance its taste. So more people can enjoy drinking Yakult and benefit from its unique probiotic, L. casei strain Shirota.

Yakult Ace Light®

Yakult Ace Light® is a lighter version of Yakult with a refreshingly light taste. It contains the same unique probiotic, L. casei strain Shirota at a higher concentration – triple the amount.

Each bottle of Yakult Ace Light® contains 30 billion L. casei strain Shirota but with 30% less sugar and 30% fewer calories. 

Yakult Ace Light®  will now be using Stevia as a natural sweetener which contains zero calorie yet retaining its original taste, specially made for those who prefer a lighter taste and want more supply of probiotics in their digestive system.

Yakult Ace Light® is also available in Family Pack, which comes in packs of 10 bottles. Great for the whole family!

Yakult Ace Light® Family Pack

Yakult Light®

Yakult Light® is packed with 10 billion L. casei strain Shirota, and is now formulated with Vitamin D to supplement the lack* of Vitamin D in Singapore!

This product has been awarded with a Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) by Health Promotion Board.

Yakult Light® is sold exclusively by Yakult Home Delivery, and distributed to selected schools and hospitals as well. Currently, it is not available in supermarkets/ provision shops.

*Source: bit.ly/3z81HSi