Yakult’s Home Delivery Service is a distribution method unique only to Yakult. It is an integral part of the company’s dedication to bringing the benefits of our probiotic products conveniently available to all people.

The Yakult Home Delivery Service was first introduced in Japan in 1963 and is now been implemented in a number of Yakult establishments worldwide.

In Singapore, the Home Delivery Service started in 1986 and is supported by a friendly team of Yakult Lady distributor-agents who are in many ways our ambassadors. These agents put a priority to ensure fresh Yakult are delivered directly to the customer’s home with sincerity and a smile. The Yakult Lady also acts as a ‘regional health advisor’, offering helpful health-related and product information that serve best to the consumers’ needs. Given the importance of our customers’ trust, we are always striving to improve their level of knowledge through training sessions.

The caring and friendly lady that bring smile to your intestines

By helping the customers to understand the value of our products and on the care of their health, more often, many of these agents have become trusted friends of their customers.

We meticulously control the quality of home delivered Yakult so that they are delivered in the best condition to the customers. Hence, the agents are well-equipped with cooler bags and other paraphernalias to ensure that Yakult are stored in proper temperature during delivery.

The Home Delivery Service is available free-of-charge in most public housing estates including some private housing estates. Now with the Home Delivery Service, you and your family can enjoy the goodness of Yakult regularly at the convenience of your home.

If you would like Yakult to be delivered to your home, please complete the form or call us at 6752 0673