About Yakult The World’s Premium Probiotic Drink

Yakult is a premium probiotic cultured milk drink that contains the specially cultivated beneficial bacteria known as Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (L. casei strain Shirota). Each little bottle of Yakult is packed with more than 10 billion L. casei strain Shirota, enough to replenish the friendly bacteria in your digestive system.


Source : Neilsen Singapore, MAT Nov 18 –Oct 19 in Value Sales & Volume Sales for Total Singapore

enjoy the goodness of Yakult at home Yakult Home Delivery

In Singapore, the Home Delivery Service started in 1986 and is supported by a friendly team of Yakult Lady distributor-agents who are in many ways our ambassadors.

Quality Control

Our agents are well equipped with cooler bags and other paraphernalias to ensure that Yakult are stored in proper temperature during delivery.

Delivered Free
of Charge

The Home Delivery Service is available free of charge in most public housing estates including some private housing estates.

our state-of-the-art plant Yakult Factory Tour

Since 1987, Yakult Singapore has welcomed visitors for an educational tour of its state-of-the-art plant. To date, about 400,000 people have visited our plant, ranging from preschoolers to senior citizens from grassroots, community centres, private organisations, government bodies and educational institutions of all levels.

Yakult Singapore is located at 7 Senoko Avenue

yakult lab

View our entire high-tech production process through the glass-walled viewing gallery

Our fully trained staff will give a presentation on the background of our company and products.

Comments from Our Visitors

Caregiving Welfare Association ( CWA )

Our heartfelt thank you for coordination and guiding us in a wonderful and enriching tour in Yakult Factory. We are really grateful for the time and educational experience organized for our Elderly participants from Caregiving Welfare Association. Our Elderly participants were simply excited and jubilant after the trip, they were adored by the guide which you have provided. The effect produced from the tour was fun, joyous and interactive! We were very amazed by your products and explanation of each process; not forgetting the benefits of Yakult has for our bodies. It is definitely a Healthy and Hearty experience.

Organisation Excellence Department, Ministry of Defense

I wish to thank you and your colleagues for conducting a tour of your factory on 20 July despite your tight schedule. We found your sharing very interesting, informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Through the tour we gained a better understanding of the factory’s operation and health benefits of drinking Yakult. - Organisation Excellence Department, Ministry of Defense

A Yakult Tour Visitor

Thank you very much for hosting me and my wife during the factory visit. It was indeed an eye opening experience and rare opportunity to learn so much in a short 2 hours time slot. The cutting edge production processes at the shop floor is absolutely amazing. The strict quality checks, hygiene standard and flawless lean manufacturing with continuous kaizen activity is awesome. It reinforced my confidence as a consumer that Yakult Singapore is committed to offering a product which is the best and nothing but the best! I will certainly recommend Yakult to my peers and friends. There is much to be learnt from your expertise and professional presentation. I look forward to visiting Yakult Singapore again in the near future.

School of Chemical and Life Sciences, Molecular Biotechnology, Nanyang Polytechnic

I would like to express my gratitude to your company for allowing our students to visit your plant. Thank you for taking your precious time to explain to our students the process of making Yakult and the beneficial effects of probiotics. Judging from the students’ enthusiasm and the way they have responded to your questions, I could see that they really enjoyed your presentation and the trip.

Yakult Happenings

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